In 1970, it took roughly 600 units of penicillin to kill a bacteria.  Today, it takes 2.4 million units. However, interesting enough, it takes the same amount of vitamin C and Echinacea during the same time frame. The reason for this dramatic increase for the need of penicillin and now other antibiotics is a direct result of the overuse of antibiotics since their invention over 50 years ago. 

Antibiotics don’t just kill the bacteria in your body responsible for illness. They also kill helpful bacteria within your body.

Think of antibiotics as a weapon of mass destruction for fighting colds and influenza. They should only be used as a last resort.

If you find yourself frequently getting sick, you may have an underlying immune deficiency problem leading to your susceptibility to colds and influenza. There are many home therapies and botanical medicines to address viral and bacterial infections today. Think of these medicines as the smart weapons that only kill the bad bacteria within your body while at the same time strengthening your immune system.

Before you jump to using weapons of mass destruction, it’s important for you to do some investigating as to why you are getting sick and what are the best solutions for dealing with your illness.  That’s something we can help with.


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