Do you know what the #1 non-contagious disease in the world is today? It’s tooth decay! So it probably comes as no surprise that many of us have tooth fillings from cavities. By far the majority of those fillings were done with amalgams or silver fillings. Did you know these amalgam or silver fillings are made with mercury – a lethal metal?

Over the course of your lifetime these fillings slowly release this poisonous metal into your body through normal chewing and swallowing. And sadly, there are numerous health problems associated with these toxins, which often improve when these fillings are removed.

Did you know that dentists have had an alternative safe filling available to them for many years? Yet, most dentists continue to use amalgam fillings in our body because they are cheaper.

For many years dentists have ignored the fact that putting a lethal metal into your body is dangerous and even gone as far as trying to convince patients that mercury fillings are totally safe despite reports and finding to claim the obvious.

The bottom line is that nobody should have any type of lethal toxin put into their body without their knowledge and least of all to be told by someone we think we can trust that a toxin is safe for us!

Naturopathic medicine can assist your own body’s ability to remove mercury and other heavy metals from your body. Evan after amalgam fillings are removed we still have mercury in our bodies. If you suspect you have any level of mercury or heavy metal poisoning you, we can run simple tests that will let you know if so and how much.



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